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"If I was the tattooing kind I would get “Yes”written across both of my feet, just to remind me that wherever I am is exactly where I need to be. Whomever I am with is exactly who I need to be with. I don’t have to stay forever, or even a moment past the ding of the timer, but while I am meant to be in this place, I may as well say Yes.

It’s good to know though, how to listen for that little ding. It’s good to know when to say yes to leaving too, even if it’s just to hit the reset button. Don’t be afraid to take the space you need especially in matters of the heart with those that you love and/or share space with."
excerpt from PISCES & PISCES RISING for the week of July 7th (via Chani Nicholas Full Moon Medicine Horoscopes)

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A fuckin dream❤️

A fuckin dream❤️

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